"Rick's work is always done with professionalism and perfection !" - Jan Allison Hall, Annapolis MD


"I have never seen a plumber or any tradesman that matter so

 meticulous with their work and have a personal family like  relationship with his customers."  - Jan Micken, Chestertown MD



"I have used Rick for years and would never think of choosing

another plumber, he has always done an astonishing job no matter

what phase of plumbing needed" - Paul Nelson, Denton MD 


"I called Rick on a Friday night with an overflowing floor drain (flooding my basement), he came right out, diagnosed the problem immediately and corrected it. Not only was he cheaper than 4 other plumbers, he didn't even charge me an emergency fee".

Renee Shaw, Pasadena MD  


"Rick helped fix my parent's leaking shower! Midway Plumbing was very prompt and found all the needed parts to fix the problem. Very happy we called Midway Plumbing! " - Marie Bialousz, Annapolis MD


 "Thank you SO much!!! You have made me one happy hair stylist!/salon owner!  Everything looks great and I don't foresee any issues with it working - you just did an outstanding job. I will gladly refer you for several reasons:

1. You were available to talk over the phone about the project, and answered questions I had before you even came out.  This is particularly important when folks are looking for a plumber, or any contractor for that matter.  Often, contractors are quick to try to get off of the phone, don't call back or won't really give a few minutes to listen to what it is a person is wanting!
2. You showed up when you said you'd be here and you called when you knew you'd be late.  This is HUGE! I have never minded a contractor being late BUT plan my days to be home when needed. I really appreciated knowing that a couple of hours were freed up so I could do some errands before you got here!
3. You are courteous. You respected our home, did not leave a big mess, were cordial towards my curious kids!
4. And of course, the important one, you are capable.  Let's face it, you came in, looked at the project, gave us an estimate, which was very reasonable and were willing to start within a couple of days.  You came in and did exactly what you said you would do.  There were no surprises, extra hidden costs and you got the job done.
I appreciate what you did for us and look forward to using your services in the future.  Your card will go in my wallet to pass on."                        April Suhar, Severna Park MD